Cloud adoption underestimated?

'The industry estimates are wrong. They're low. You can write that down.'

Is cloud adoption a lot more pervasive than generally assumed?

BIll McCracken, CEO of CA Technologies, believes it is, as relayed in an article by CRN's Chad Berndston:

"The rate and pace is going to pick up. The industry estimates are wrong. They're low. You can write that down. It's growing faster and moving faster than we're predicting. The opportunity is standing in front of us."

McCracken's remarks were made at a CA Partner confab. You could say that the remarks were cheerleading for the troops, who CA is depending on to advance its cloud computing and as-a-service solutions.

But it's interesting to see a vendor that has spent decades selling into on-premises data centers (a still sells lots of mainframe products) talk about this new shift.

Indeed, the private cloud movement may be happening at all levels under the radar. I've been involved in survey research (PDF download) that looked at cloud adoption among members of the Independent Oracle Users Group, and we found that 44% of organizations in the survey already have a private cloud—either already running or are piloting, planning or considering one. Adoption of private clouds will expand significantly over the next 12 months. At this time, 37% report that at least some piece of their organization’s IT workload processing or infrastructure is already available through private cloud services, a number that will likely grow to 50% by next year.  Public cloud, however, is a bit slower to catch on -- about 14% use the services of public cloud platform providers,