Cloud analytics service serves up QuickBooks intelligence

The new solution from InsightSquared analyzes cash flow, customer churn and other strategic metrics.


InsightSquared, which provides analytics and business intelligence for Salesforce deployments, has added a new service focused on reporting metrics from your QuickBooks accounting application.

The cloud-delivered service allows small-business owners or managers at midsize companies to forecast cash flow, identify customers that might be at risk of churn, or analyze outstanding bills, invoices or expenses. InsightSquared can provide a unified, visual view of data from multiple sources, helping associate information across QuickBooks and Salesforce, for example. (The dashboard is shown above.) 

The alternative to this has traditionally been downloading data to Excel and then running reports from there or asking an accountant to run the numbers. But this makes that information more accessible.

"I like to look at the trending charts and also drill down into the current and previous months," said Paul Nadjarian, founder and CEO of Mojo Motors, one early user. which is a car-shopping site. "With InsightSquared, the reports and graphs are readily available, and because I am able to look at them daily, I do."

This is not an inexpensive service: it's priced starting at $200 per month for managing data from QuickBooks; it costs more for additional data sources. That's on top of the $75 per month per user (for the Standard option) that your company will already be paying for the Salesforce metrics that are at the heart of this service.

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