Cloud app migration tool reaches public beta

PaaSLane helps organizations evaluate whether or not an application is ready for the cloud and automate the process of optimizing migrations.

In June, integrator Cloud Technology Partners began private testing for platform called PaaSLane , a technology that helps organizations assess specific applications for cloud-readiness. Now, it is opening up the service for a public beta.

PaaSLane evaluates code for issues that might affect performance, stability, security or scalabililty for specific cloud platforms. Right now, it focuses on evaluating Java and .NET applications that are candidate for migrations onto commercial platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions including Cloud Foundry, Stackato, Apprenda and Oracle IaaS.

"PaaSLane finds issues and estimates the time required to address them in a matter of minutes, giving management an objective measure of cloud readiness across application portfolios, while providing development teams with a roadmap to start fixing them immediately," said John Treadway, senior vice president at Cloud Technology Partners, which is based in Bostong.

The software works by using static code analysis. If has an open application programming interface (API), allowing it to be embedded with other software development lifecycle approaches. Here are some of the other features that the integrator is touting:

  • Ability to check up to 250,000 lines of code in less than 10 minutes
  • Support for exploring interdependencies in Java JAR and WAR files
  • Analytics tools that allow users to prioritize issues that need to be addressed
  • Parallel profiling, which lets multiple applications be considered simultaneously

PaasLane is available in the cloud; however, an on-premises version is available for qualified customers, according to the company.

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