Cloud-computing adoption tops datacentre agenda

According to a survey by Afcom, datacentre managers are widely implementing cloud-computing technology, with over one-third already using it

Cloud-computing adoption among datacentre managers has snowballed in the last year, according to a survey by datacentre association Afcom, with more than 70 percent of respondents already implementing the technology or seriously considering it.

Cloud computing datacentre

Datacentre managers are widely implementing cloud-computing technology, according to Afcom's survey. Credit: Afcom

In 2010, 14.9 percent of datacentre managers implemented cloud computing in their facilities. For Afcom's 2011 survey, which included 358 managers, 36.6 percent of respondents implemented cloud computing and another 35.1 percent were seriously considering it.

Afcom said 80 percent to 90 percent of datacentres will have some form of cloud computing in the next five years.

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