Cloud Networking-as-a-Service - Aryaka launches new service offering

Organizations having distributed sites face challenges when implementing a reliable, cost effective network that can support their operations. Aryaka believes that its Cloud Networking-as-a-service offering is the answer.

Aryaka recently added a Cloud Networking-as-a-service offering to its portfolio of services. This should be of interest to distributed organizations or organizations having a distributed customer base that are needed to reduce their overall networking costs and increase levels of flexibility.

What Aryaka has to say about its new service

Aryaka®, the leading provider of WAN Optimization as-a-Service, Network as-a-Service and Application Delivery as-a-Servicesolutions, today announced Cloud Network as-a-Service to optimize and simplify access to all private and public cloud services including, but not limited to, Office 365, Google Apps and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The solution ensures a uniform, private, low latency network experience for all users within the enterprise, irrespective of where the cloud service or the user is located.

While cloud services targeted to the enterprise like Office 365 and AWS are global in their availability, individual enterprises are assigned one key data center, usually the one closest to headquarters. Employees at distributed offices must therefore traverse the public internet to access this data center, resulting in latency and congestion, especially during peak usage times. Aryaka’s Cloud Network, delivered as a service, bypasses this process, enabling businesses to deliver fast, consistent, enterprise-wide access over a private network to cloud data and access cloud services in locations that were previously too beleaguered by latency.

Aryaka’s Cloud Network as-a-Service connects instances running on the cloud as if they are on the local network with any-to-any connectivity, regardless of where end users are located around the world. Aryaka’s globally distributed Points of Presence (POPs), interconnected via a secure, dedicated and redundant core network as well as a full-featured optimization software stack running at each of these POPs, provides enterprises with optimized access for all locations and users within cloud environments. Without requiring the installation of appliances or private links, Aryaka integrates enterprise cloud services to all office locations and data centers in a meshed environment.


Aryaka’s Application Delivery as-a-Service also allows cloud providers to distribute content or dynamic applications to a worldwide audience of employees, customers and partners. Both the solutions are globally available through Aryaka’s 25 data centers with simplified subscription-based pricing and 24/7 customer support.

Snapshot analysis

Networking is an ongoing cost of the IT infrastructure. In the past, organizations had to implement a network infrastructure with sufficient bandwidth to support the most intense workloads even though it was overkill most of the time. Aryaka believes that purchasing a network service offering could reduce the overall costs while still offering the organization what it needs when it needs it.

Aryaka isn't the only supplier of networking equipment and services to discuss this approach. I've learned of similar capabilities being offered or planned by Aepona, Cisco, Global Telecom and Technology, MicroData and others. Aryaka's product, while interesting, will face challenges coming from these others competitors and will be forced to work hard to get out its messages in a noisy environment.