Cloud Report webinar: Australian businesses in the public cloud

Hear how Australian businesses are putting the public cloud to work.

Australian businesses in the public cloud

On 27 November ZDNet held a webinar looking at how Australian businesses are using public cloud computing.

The topics that were covered included:

  • The business and technology objectives cloud adopters aim to achieve
  • How CIOs and other leaders win buy-in to cloud from their senior leadership team
  • The challenges of implementing public cloud and how to overcome them
  • Lessons learned, and what to do differently with the benefit of hindsight
  • Future plans for cloud

Host Phil Dobbie got the lowdown from Jerome Barrientos, CIO of KinCare, an aged care provider. The business has around 1500 mobile care workers and has developed a technology strategy that supports a mobile workforce, puts applications at the coal face, and is cost-effective.

ZDNet’s managing editor Angus Macaskill also chipped in with some findings from ZDNet’s recent Cloud Priorities research study.