Cloud service provider seeks iseek for co-location

ASE IT has taken up iseek Communication datacentre services to support its global business strategy.

Cloud service provider ASE IT has moved into iseek Communications' enterprise-grade datacentre in Gore Hill Sydney.

ASE IT doesn't own its own datacentres, but uses co-location services across the world, supplying cloud services to SMBs and mid-tier businesses.

The move into Gore Hill was motivated by the need to synchronise ASE IT's cloud offerings globally. The company is co-located in datacentres in Sydney, Melbourne, California, and New Jersey. It is looking to expand to London, Singapore, and Hong Kong by the end of the year.

"Our initial expansion was driven by Australian customers, or international customers with an Australian presence, looking to expand and wanting to have group synchronization among all their cloud datacentre and infrastructure services," ASE IT chief sales and marketing officer David McGrath said in a statement. "Rather than having one client sitting in London and another in Sydney, and running cables all the way through, we can connect through from datacentre to datacentre. It gives us a natural, global connected environment."

ASE IT said that it settled on iseek for the scalability of its co-location services.