Cloud Sherpas talks up growth for ServiceNow services

The highly regarded integration partner for Salesforce and Google recently became the first to earn Preferred Partner status for the big cloud management and automation player.

Since its acquisition of Navigis in December 2012, cloud integrator Cloud Sherpas has dramatically ramped up its services capabilities centered on the ServiceNow IT management and automation platform -- recently becoming the first company to earn Preferred Partner status for deploying ServiceNow solutions.

With the integration now complete, Cloud Sherpas is projecting eight-figure sales and a 150 percent growth rate during 2013 for the business unit that the Navigis team is anchoring.

Cloud Sherpas' overall sales this year are projected at more than $100 million. Clients for the ServiceNow group now number more than 300 accounts, including Juniper Networks, Equinix, REI, Synaptics, Sephora and Gymboree, according to recent information issued by the company.

One key focus for the remainder of this year will be building out Cloud Sherpas' ServiceNow capabilities in countries outside North America including Dubai, the Phillippines and Singapore, the integrator said.

The ServiceNow business division is managed by Philip Sidebottom, the former CEO of Navigis, a Colorado-based integrator and IT services company that began working with ServiceNow back in 2006.

Since 2007, Cloud Sherpas has migrated more than 5,000 organizations to cloud services or applications.

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