Cloud Technology Partners PaaSLane - validating enterprise apps

Enterprise applications may or may not be ready for cloud deployment. Cloud Technology Partners believes that PaaSLane is the perfect tool for evaluating enterprise Java and .NET applications and determining if they're ready for the cloud.

John Treadway, Sr. VP of enterprise technology and services, and Ben Grubin, Director, Product Marketing and Management, both of Cloud Technology Partners (CTP), stopped by to talk about the challenges enterprises face when moving their custom Java and .NET applications to the cloud.

We enjoyed a long discussion of the adoption rate and other inhibitors enterprises face. Treadway and I agree that it may take as much as 10 years for some enterprises to move critical custom Java or .NET applications to either an on- or off-premise cloud computing environment. Both Treadway and Grubin believe that tools such as PaaSLane could accelerate cloud adoption.

Here's what CTP has to say about PaaSLane

  • PaaSLane is now generally available (GA) and enhanced with key features that will enable its users to:
    • Rapidly assess applications for cloud readiness, identifying quick wins that can be migrated quickly, and prioritizing scarce resources
    • Accelerate cloud migrations and the development of cloud-native software
    • Continuously optimize applications for evolving cloud platforms by delivering real-time intelligence on changes that affect the application
  • PaaSLane v2.0’s new features include:
    • Full .NET language support, with over 200 .NET-specific rules, including rules for Microsoft Azure and Apprenda CloudFoundry
    • Redesigned reporting interface, featuring live drill-down into alert detail and interactive charts
    • New exportable reports in PDF and Excel format that enable targeted sharing of profile data as well as the ability to import issues into trackers and agile development tools
    • PaaSLane v2.0 offers new users streamlined free trial registration and product access, as well as shortcuts to upload new applications and rich sample reports

Snapshot Analysis

Traditionally, it has taken a great deal of time and expertise to review the code, looking for improper coding or assumptions that work in a company's own network, but cause security, data usage or performance problems when hosted in a cloud services provider's network. Often, according to CTP, enterprises have invested just about as much time and resources to do an evaluation as to do the migration itself. So, these enterprises often find themselves in a position of being incented to simply move things into the cloud and clean up the mess later as issues come up.

CTP believes that PaaSLane can review custom apps, find issues, and suggest what needs to be corrected and provide an estimate of the complexity of those changes. Futhermore, PaaSLane's rules are being constantly updated as cloud services providers change their offerings. This assures IT developers that their applications will continue to perform well.

There are a number of other suppliers of onboarding and migration tools for enterprise applications. Suppliers such as Rascemi, CohesiveFT, and ISC come to mind immediately. Although it appears that CTP has a well-thought-out, well-implemented approach, it only addresses Java and .NET applications today. Also, enterprise applications developed using Python, PHP, Ruby, and a few other Web- and Cloud-focused development and deployment environments may not need the type of extensive review PaaSLane offers.

All in all, PaaSLane appears to be a really useful tool for enterprise developers who are evaluating applications to determine if they are suitable for cloud deployment.