CloudAware offers management insights across cloud siloes

The service watches over various cloud applications and services deployed on the Amazon cloud, and offers IT managers information about potentially dangerous changes or activity that could be disruptive.

A cloud management and orchestration approach originally funded by two Fortune 500 companies is now being deployed across a number of enterprise accounts, including AOL, Sony, Thomson Reuters, Pearson and Reed Elsevier.

The service, called CloudAware, offers a management layer across cloud applications and services that are deployed on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. It focuses on tasks such as orchestration, change management, integrated monitoring, intrusion detection, regulatory compliance, cost control and analytics.

The idea is to help provide better transparency into how all the different cloud services within a company — which tend to be deployed in siloes by different departments — might impact each other, or the overall IT security or management policy. For example, if a cloud user makes a "dangerous" firewall change using AWS Management Console, the CloudAware service would automatically post that change on an alert feed. CloudAware is based on the Salesforce Chatter tool, so that's the convention and interface that it uses.

"Many business units established their own shadow IT projects in the Amazon Cloud because they were not happy with the speed or quality of internal IT services. Such departments gained a lot in agility but lost as much in reliability and stability," said Mikhail Malamud, founder and CEO of CloudAware, which is based in New York.

CloudAware will eventually be extended to cover Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine and Open Stack.