CloudCentral positions for growth and ASX debut

Wholesale cloud infrastructure provider CloudCentral is set for a reverse listing on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) this month, reports David Hazan.

Launched in 2010, CloudCentral operates on a partner-focused business model, says founder, CEO, and executive director Kristoffer Sheather. While CloudCentral’s key focus is wholesale Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), its cloud services also include database, load balancing, and web apps.

The Canberra-based cloud provider was one of the first companies on the Department of Finance's Data Centre-as-a-Service (DCaaS) Multi Use List (MUL) . According to Sheather, CloudCentral won the second-ever DCaaS MUL contract, which was for the Department of Finance’s own online services.

Kristoffer Sheather, founder, CEO, and executive director of CloudCentral

Sheather said that the company is focused on winning federal government contracts, and supports its partners on state government opportunities.

Sheather said in the past twelve months the DCaaS MUL listing hasn't produced strong demand, but there's been a recent uptick.

"We're getting good traction," he notes. "We've seen strong interest in our government cloud offerings in the past month."

CloudCentral counts among its clients Mirus Australia, which specializes in software for aged care services, and SaaS provider GuardianGlobal Systems, which provides services to the NSW Department of Health as well as a number of banks.

In addition, CloudCentral partners with some well-known tech suppliers such as Citrix, and datacenter operators NEXTDC and Equinix.

"Multiple points of presence around Australia allows us to deliver higher performance in the customer's home state," he said.

A contributing factor to CloudCentral's competitive positioning is its use of Taiwanese Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) partner Quanta for low cost commodity hardware.

"We actually build our own systems using their hardware," Sheather said. "If you want to be able to compete with the likes of Amazon…then that’s what you need to do. We’ve invested a lot of our time and effort in building our own hardware stack."

The CloudCentral stack is based on OpenStack open source software for cloud computing.  It comprises a range of components including Intel processors, networking and SSDs, Apache CloudStack for cloud orchestration and management, and Citrix Cloud Platform and XenServer

The firm will also be executing a reverse listing on the ASX during the month of June. In a March 20 media release Sheather said: "With this listing and access to additional funding CloudCentral is well placed to capitalise on the worldwide cloud computing sector that is growing at 36 percent compounded annual growth rate. Additionally a listing provides CloudCentral with ‘currency’ for strategic acquisitions as they present."

With its focus on wholesale services, its ODM approach, and forthcoming IPO, CloudCentral is one of the more notable local providers on the MUL.