Cloudera intros new authorization module for Hadoop

Wednesday must be "open source day" now. Here's an update on the Hadoop front from Cloudera.


Following up news for the open platform-as-a-service Cloud Foundry from Pivotal and IBM, Cloudera is chiming in on the open source front with a new authorization model for Apache Hadoop.

Cloudera, which runs a data analytics management service powered by the open source framework, is unveiling Sentry, touted as an Apache-licensed open source security module that provides fine-grained authorization for Hadoop deployments.

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That essentially translates to managing user access rights to specific data sets within a given database.

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Targeted toward industries with stricter online security regulations such as healthcare and government, Sentry is being framed to remove concerns that might have prevented these organizations from adopting open source frameworks in the past.

Sentry is designed to be integrated with SQL query engines such as Apache Hive and Cloudera's Impala real-time query solution for leveraging Hadoop to crunch big data. The security module is also touted to be compliant with several well-known government standards such as HIPAA as well as SOX and PCI regulatory compliance.

Other features include role-based authorization (designating access based on company roles) and multi-tenant authorization (deputizing admins for managing security on separate databases).

Sentry is immediately available for free download as an add-on for Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH) version 4.3. It can be used in conjunction with the open source volunteer project Hive and Cloudera Impala 1.1.

Cloudera will also be submitting Sentry to the Apache Incubator at the Apache Software Foundation later this year.