CloudMGR integrates AWS with Autotask

CloudMGR may look at servicing IT departments and managing Amazon Web Services WorkSpaces virtual desktops in future.

Devnet founder Craig Deveson is back in the cloud business, launching integrated cloud management software on Amazon’s AWS Marketplace.

The software, CloudMGR, integrates AWS with IT business management software Autotask, allowing managed service and cloud providers to aggregate their business management systems into one console.

Deveson’s Devnet, Google’s first enterprise partner in Asia-Pacific, was sold to Atlanta-based Cloud Sherpas in mid-2011 with the traditional non-compete clause in the contract.

His new business, which began by developing security plug-ins for WordPress, is based in San Francisco and Brisbane, Australia.

Individual cloud customers can easily find themselves managing hundreds of servers while cloud service providers can manage thousands, Deveson said.

CloudMGR is designed to address the increasing complexity cloud services providers face when managing multiple service issues including multiple contracts, payments, passwords and data streams. 

Integration with Autotask automates billing, incident and device management processes.  It can also connect cPanel to Autotask to provide AWS customers with integrated hosting solutions and single-console management. 

Deveson said allowing cloud management processes to be integrated into business processes will help accelerate the adoption of cloud technologies.

While CloudMGR’s focus is on service providers for now, Deveson said, IT departments could be targeted in future.

The announcement of AWS's WorkSpaces virtual desktop service last week in Las Vegas adds more management complexity, he said - and offers further opportunities.

“We will look to integrate Workspaces into CloudMGR,” Deveson told ZDNet.

WorkSpaces is the first AWS service that identifies end nodes as opposed to servers, he said, but its APIs have not yet been exposed to developers.

Amazon would be unlikely to provide directly a similar management tool to CloudMGR, Deveson said.

AWS focuses on delivering what it calls the “heavy lifting” of cloud infrastructure development and management, relying on partners to populate the AWS software ecosystem.                 

Len DiCostanzo, Autotask’s senior vice president of community and business development said the company is committed to helping its IT service provider customers be successful as cloud service brokers.

CloudMGR provides a unique way for Autotask's customers to take advantage of AWS and Autotask to accelerate deployments, drive revenue and profitability and increase value and the range of services offered to clients, he said.

A free CloudMGR trial is available. The software sells for US$99 a month.