Cloudnexa launches vNOC, platform to manage, optimize AWS

Cloudnexa, an Amazon Web Services partner, launched a console to optimize cloud operations and control costs.

Cloudnexa on Thursday rolled out its vNOC cloud management platform for Amazon Web Services. The software automates the management of AWS environments to optimize for costs.

General availability of vNOC was announced at the AWS Summit in San Francisco.

AWS has added a bevy of tools and launches products at a breakneck clip. However, many customers are looking to third parties for management consoles and optimization. One major theme as AWS matures will be Amazon's cloud as a managed service.

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Cloudnexa's vNOC automates and consolidates cloud environments in one dashboard with real-time reporting. For instance, the console can curtail cloud spending on instances that aren't being used.


The Philadelphia-based company is among the first to offer a platform for managing AWS environments. Cloudnexa, a premier AWS partner, typically caters to midmarket companies who want to move to the cloud, but don't have the expertise to manage and optimize the services.

vNOC includes a intuitive user interface, a single page app design, historical alerts, AWS certifications, access logs and cost summaries.

For cloud service buyers, companies like Cloudnexa are likely to come in handy as they aim to preserve cost savings and avoid bill shocks. Audit trails on cloud spending are also becoming increasingly important. Tools like vNOC are likely to be used to set compute, storage and networking budgets and analyze historical costs.