CloudStack graduates from incubator, receives 'top-level' status

Citrix's decision to break away from OpenStack and donate its CloudStack to the Apache Software Foundation may be paying off, with the software suite now achieving Top-Level Project status.

CloudStack has graduated from the Apache Software Foundation's (ASF) Apache Incubator project and has been recognised as a Top-Level Project (TLP).

CloudStack, a software suite for creating infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) clouds, entered into the ASF's open source project initiative when owner Citrix — which in turn, acquired it from — submitted it last year. At the time, it was seen as a move by Citrix to abandon the OpenStack community.

Analysts at the time saw the move as the right business decision for Citrix, even if it was an unpopular one.

CloudStack vice-president Chip Childers highlighted some of the benefits the IaaS suite has had during its time with Apache, saying in a statement that, "we've managed to build a diverse, friendly, and very open community around CloudStack".

"Anybody thinking of getting involved in the project would quickly find what a great community we are. As well as online involvement, we've already had a global collaboration conference, and there are many CloudStack groups established in many different countries."

TLPs must be approved by ASF's board of directors, receive a positive recommendation from ASF's incubator project management committee, a positive vote from the open source community, and establish a project charter.

With TLP status, ASF will appoint a new chair for the project to report back to the board and assist in setting up any required infrastructure for it.

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