CloudStore: £453,000 of cloud services bought last month

The latest figures show sales in five figures in last month after a particularly fruitful April for the public sector's cloud marketplace

The Cabinet Office has published the latest round of sales figures for the government CloudStore, showing purchases made through the online market place dropping off over the last three months.

The CloudStore, which went live in February, allows public sector organisations to buy from a catalogue of cloud software, infrastructure, platform and other services.

In April, £555,817-worth of purchases were made through it, a figure that by that had fallen to £163,049. In June, the number rose again to £459,730.

Among the organisations using the CloudStore in June was the Student Loans Company, which spent £11,072 with supplier Quo Imus.

Huddle emerged as one of the CloudStore favourites in the February and March, accounting for over £400,000 of business. It has continued to be popular, doing the most business of any single vendor: between April and June, it raked in £427,325 of the £729,848.

Other suppliers making hay from the CloudStore included Microsoft with £82,626, Symantec with £77,139 and Emergn with £58,850.

The biggest spending organisation during the period was Hampshire County Council, which spent £77,760 with Microsoft - nearly all the business that Redmond did through the CloudStore.

This story was updated to reflect new figures provided by the Cabinet Office