Cloudwords' new release will ease the pain of online content translation for reviewers

The $35 billion global language services industry is getting a boost today as Cloudwords releases its latest offering designed to make translation much easier.

Often content translation is a challenge. If you look at some of your user manuals for your recent gadgets you will see some translation based errors. Although the content is technically correct, it sometimes makes no sense at all.

Cloudwords' new release will ease the pain of online content translation for reviewers Eileen Brown ZDNet
Eileen Brown

Translation services have their work cut out for them. Often there is no time before a product goes to market. The documentation suffers and perception about the brand suffers as a result.

After automated translation services have translated the bulk of the work then information needs to be reviewed by an editor who understands the context of the written piece.

This is a problem in itself. Editors need to make edits or approve text. They need to copy and paste content, logging in and out of different platforms. Longer documents have multiple, marked-up versions of the same translation which often needs to be sorted out.

For organisations that have to deal with information written in several languages, the translation process should be as efficient and pain-free as possible.

A smoother content translation process will lessen the time to market which will improve revenue.

San Francisco based Cloudwords which offers cloud-based translation management and automation services has announced the availability of "In-Context Review".

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The feature is designed to "enhance, simplify and accelerate the translation review process".

Built into the platform's OneReview feature, In-Context Review enables reviewers to view, edit, comment and finalize translated content in its final format and layout.

The final document can be delivered in any format or file type. This gives the translation reviewer a web-based, customizable interface to review.

Reviewers can then access, view or edit the translated content and see the final format of the work.

This could be an email, newsletter, landing page, word document or web page.

Backed by Salesforce's Marc Benioff and Storm Ventures, Cloudwords say that its Context Review is compatible with all content types and systems, making it the "most extensible solution in the industry".

The company says that the new solution will "improve the overall quality of translations, speeds the review process, and shortens go-to-market timelines so companies can launch localized content faster".

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Scott Yancey, CEO of Cloudwords said: "Cloudwords introduced In-Context Review to further eliminate road blocks in the way of completing reviews more efficiently, shortening the review process from days to hours."