CMGI's iCast blends messaging with media

The new iCaster application will allow listeners to drag and drop music files in buddy lists
Written by Margaret Kane, Contributor

CMGI's iCast division will release an application today that combines multimedia with instant messaging. It will allow consumers to play and share audio files, watch movies, chat and send instant messages.

The iCaster application links consumers to the iCast Web site, where the company plans to release content focussing on music and movies. If a consumer is listening to a song and clicks on "More Information", he or she will be taken to a section of the site devoted to the artist or genre. iCast will even allow individuals to post their own short films or music online.

Tribal Voice has also been able to connect users to AOL's AIM program, which currently dominates the instant messaging space, and to Microsoft's MSN Messenger. While Microsoft opened up its protocols to other instant messaging companies, AOL has fought off attempts to interact with its service. When Tribal Voice initially released the latest version of its software, AOL tried to block it from connecting to AIM users, but after a few skirmishes, Tribal Voice has been successfully interoperating with AOL.

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