Co-op Bookshop simplifies QR code sales

The Co-op Bookshop has reduced the number of steps it takes to buy a book using a QR code and a mobile phone, and expanded the option to 10 bookstores.

The Co-op Bookshop has improved on a trial , conducted earlier this year, using QR codes in a store window to sell university textbooks, and it's now rolling out a revamped process to ten stores.

(Credit: Co-op Bookstore)

The Co-op Bookshop had painted a wall of QR codes onto a window in the company's Macquarie University store. When students used the QR code for a text book, they would be directed to a page on the Co-op website where they could then buy the book.

However, the company found that the process was too convoluted on mobile devices, chief marketing manager Greg Smith said, so decided it could be made simpler, with fewer steps to purchase.

The bookstore then partnered with PayPal to implement a mobile site, which sees the student scan the QR code and then confirm payment via PayPal or a credit card, a faster process to get the book sent to their door.

The new system was rolled out in time for the semester that's just started, with QR codes for top textbooks being put up in the windows of 10 of the organisations' 43 stores.

Smith told ZDNet that even though they were able to buy the books online, students liked to wander down to the store after their first lectures were over, as they had free time and their lecturer had just told them what text books they'd need. This mass migration caused long queues. Being able to order via the QR code shortened the queues.

Smith said that the organisation hoped to expand the concept to include movable posters that staff could take to lectures, so that as students left the auditoriums, they could order the books from the poster. He said that the organisation also hoped to add the option for pick up, rather than delivery.

There had already been a measurable uptick in sales due to the innovation, according to Smith, although he wouldn't quantify the increase.


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