Coalition NBN plan to bring in money faster: iiNet, AAPT

While the Coalition's cheaper National Broadband Network (NBN) will deliver slower broadband speeds to Australians, it will deliver revenue faster to the two ISPs.

Both iiNet and AAPT have acknowledged that the Coalition's National Broadband Network (NBN) plan would help them reap financial rewards much sooner compared with Labor's AU$37.4 billion fibre-to-the-premises NBN, the Australian Financial Review (AFR) has reported.

The Coalition's NBN plan would connect fibre to street cabinets and would deliver slower broadband speeds. But it does make rollout time faster and, at AU$20.4 billion, it costs much less than Labor's network.

"[In iiNet] the technology lovers love the Labor version, but the accountants like myself ... like the idea of the faster rollout and hopefully a lower cost because that's how we can differentiate," iiNet chief financial officer David Buckingham told the AFR. "So as a CFO, I'm looking forward to the lower cost base and the faster rollout."

He said both parties' NBN plans will be beneficial to Australia. iiNet CEO Michael Malone has already indicated that the company will work with the Coalition should the party come into power after the upcoming federal election.

AAPT CEO David Yuile said that the Coalition's NBN would bring in revenue faster if it was in place today.