Cobalt Iron enters the data protection market

Cobalt Iron just jumped into the market for data protection, backup and disaster recovery market with a set of new products. This is an increasingly crowded market with many large established players and a swarm of startups. Can Cobalt Iron break through the noise to get market attention?

Recently representatives of Cobalt Iron reached out to introduce the company, let me know about its products and to schedule a time for a call. The company is one of many firms that is addressing the growing need to simply and quickly protect data and make disaster recovery much easier.

Introduction to Cobalt Iron

Cobalt Iron was founded in 2012 with the stated goal of redefining data protection services. Here is how the company describes itself and its offerings:

Cobalt Iron's mission is to redefine data protection services and help businesses around the globe refocus on innovation. Technology should be a tool that allows you to spend less, not more, of your time, money, and energy on managing your business. We deliver cloud based data protection that is simple, dependable, and flexible. Cobalt Iron is delivered as a cloud, on-premise, or hybrid solution to meet the needs of each customer.

With a flexible architecture designed to scale from as few as 5 TB up to 10,000 TB, the Cobalt Iron offering enables customers to:

  • Deploy in the data center - Cobalt Iron automated backup and archiving protects customers with on-premise Cobalt Iron Vaults. Delivered with Cobalt Iron managed services, the solution ensures the data is protected.
  • Deploy in the Cobalt Iron Cloud - The Cobalt Iron Cloud eliminates the costs, risks, and complexity of operating and maintaining a backup infrastructure. A combination of quick installation and no hardware requirements delivers instant data protection for customers.
  • Deploy on-site and in the Cobalt Iron Cloud - Customers can combine the Cobalt Iron on-premise solution with the Cobalt Iron Cloud to optimize data center data protection coupled with the simplicity and flexibility of cloud services.

Capacity and Availability

Cobalt Iron Data Protection Portfolio is available immediately at multiple sizing tiers starting at 5 TB and scaling up to large data sets of 10,000 TB and beyond. Whether installed on-premise with Cobalt Iron Vaults, in the cloud, or both, Cobalt Iron Data Protection Portfolio is charged as a monthly fee starting at $750 per TB.

Snapshot analysis

Cobalt Iron is offering several approaches to protecting data including storing data using public cloud, accelerated cloud, private on-site and hosted solutions. The offerings appear to be cost effective and flexible enough to statisfy the requirements of small to large companies.

The company is entering an increasingly crowded market, however. It faces competition from companies offering various forms of back up and disaster recovery products ranging from CA, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Symantec and a number of suppliers offering what appears to be similar cloud-based approaches such as Nasuni, Twin Strata and others.

I hope to speak with one of Cobalt Iron's customers to learn more about how well the products work in the real world.