Codeproof specializes in BYOD security for SMBs

Most mobile device management solutions are targeted at large companies, but this cloud-based service lets small companies protect two tablets or smartphones for free.


When I researched a piece about mobile device management (MDM) for small companies back in July 2013, I found many of the applications and services available are focused on larger fleets of smartphones, tablets and notebook computers. I listed a number of options in that post, but since that time I've also come across another company, Codeproof, that offers a cloud-hosted service for protecting both Android and Apple iOS mobile devices -- with a specific focus on small and midsize companies. 

Codeproof's technology can be used for enforcing group-level bring your own device (BYOD) policies, whitelisting applications (for Android) or limiting downloads just to the App Store (iPhone or iPad), distributing Web shortcuts, remotely configuring Wi-Fi settings, and removing forgotten passcodes from devices. Here's something else you'll appreciate: if someone tries to turn Codeproof off, their administrator is alerted immediately. The service also lets you wipe the device, if all else fails.

Small companies can protect up to two devices for free with a limited version of the service. To get all the advanced features, the service is priced at $2.99 per month per device or $29.99 per device per year.

Baker Office Products, a 35-person company in Lubbock, Texas, is using Codeproof to secure and manage about a dozen iPads that are used by its sales team. 

"All of the other solutions I was looking at for mobile device management were for huge companies, and it wasn't feasible for us to put that sort of technology in place," said Robert Southerland, vice president of IT for Baker Office Products. 

He uses the service to ensure that employees are keeping screen locks and passwords active, as well as keeping their mobile OS up to do. He can also keep tabs on where the devices are located through the software's dashboard (pictured above); he runs reports on a periodic basis.

Codeproof is a small-ish company itself based in Redmond, Wash.: so far, it's securing about 60,000 devices. Its service is hosted on the Amazon Web Services cloud.