Coke zero ad to 'Unlock the 007 in you' goes viral

Unsuspecting passengers raced for the chance to win free tickets to the latest Bond movie Skyfall – providing they could beat the clock to claim them

Coke has some clever ways to get users to interact with the brand and its latest video on YouTube is no different.

It has created a new campaign together with an updated Coke zero Facebook theme and message which has clocked up over three million views since it was posted on Thursday.

Coke zero gave away exclusive tickets for the launch of Skyfall, the 50th anniversary release of the popular James Bond movies.

Unsuspecting passengers that stopped to get a Coke zero from the machine were given a task in addition to getting a drink. A female violinist played the Bond theme as the machine offered the passengers chance to win free tickets to Skyfall.

Filmed in Antwerp, Belgium’s main Centraal station, the machine display asked passengers to ‘go to platform 6’ telling them that they had 70 seconds to ‘unlock the 007 in you’. Hidden cameras filmed the participants as they ran to the platform.

Various obstacles impeded the progress of the potential 007’s. A floor cleaner at the bottom of the stairs, an enthusiastic greeting from a woman in a red dress who called their name.

There were joggers at the bottom of the escalator, a woman walked small dogs down the stairs, workmen with plate glass blocked the run and spilled oranges from a fruit seller tripped up the runners.

Tablet displays counted down the seconds as the passengers raced past on the way to the platform.

The ‘007’s’ then had to dodge overturned boxes, luggage and flower sellers before getting to the Coke machine on the platform where they had to sing the Bond theme to finally get their free tickets.

Coca cola has been running hidden candid camera campaigns for a couple of years. Its award winning Happiness machine campaign which gives out free Cokes and food has been filmed in various locations around the world since it was launched in January 2010.

Like T-Mobile’s Life’s for Sharing series of videos, we seem to like candid camera videos showing sing alongs in London, silent dancing at train stations and flight arrivals to the UK.

It is an effective piece of viral marketing. It makes us smile and gives us an opportunity to share the link, spreading the brand name further.

Coca Cola has over 53 million fans for its main Coca Cola Facebook page – well ahead of Disney with its 38 million fans. Its latest video has worked well, gaining the brand over 400,000 new fans in the last week.

Or perhaps it is simply our desire to get something for free that drives our social behaviour…