Comcast continues to permeate throughout home with new Xfinity controls

Comcast wants to control a lot more features inside your home beyond just your cable channels.


Comcast is looking to control a lot more beyond the living room with the debut of Xfinity Home Control.

The new suite of services essentially takes on and aims to simplify a bunch of common household necessities. This includes "smart" versions of things such as lighting and thermostat controls and making them available to manage remotely from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection.

Perhaps trying to take on other smart services such as Nest, Comcast is making part of this program possible with the debut of EcoSaver.

Comcast is promising customers that they could actually save money by signing up for this cloud-based product as it "learns" the heating and cooling patterns of a particular home, automatically making adjustments in real-time based on the weather, temperature preferences, and other data accumulated over time.

Home Control subscribers can set up automated schedules and/or make alterations on their mobile devices as well as get real-time alerts via email and text messages.

Note, however, that Xfinity Home Control does not include Comcast's other professional home security solutions and monitoring. Yet there is still some wiggle room for security as users could set up live streams of their homes in conjunction with a webcam.

As more and more consumers move towards opting for video on-demand streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus in lieu of traditional cable subscriptions, it's imperative for Comcast to rethink how it is going to bring customers back.

Along with home security solutions, the debut of Xfinity Home Control is another example of the cable and Internet provider looking for ways to fill those gaps.

Xfinity Home Control starts at $9.95 per month. Comcast is also selling monitoring equipment, starting at $99.95.

Image via Comcast


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