Comdex Fall: HP system 'TRAKs' down missing kids

A new system of spreading the word and high quality pictures of missing children has already scored significant successes in returning missing kids to their parents.
Written by Eugene Lacey, Contributor

The system is called TRAK and is based on a Hewlett Packard system made up of PC, scanner, and high-quality printer. TRAK's Robert Asquith told ZDNet News: "We are a non-profit making organisation set up by some concerned people in Silicon Valley...the first two to four hours offer the best chance for a safe recovery. It's essential to immediately activate the entire region to get ahead and surround the abductor."

The TRAK systems are placed in police stations, where high-quality images and descriptions can be quickly distributed among police officers. TRAK work closely with a companion association, The National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, which also publishes the pictures on their Web site. The Web site has links with international organisations to widen the search for missing children.

TRAK's Asquith said he would be willing to share TRAK's expertise and experience with UK-based organisations.

Asquith can be contacted on e-mail.

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