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Common web platform to span New Zealand government

Government agencies will share one common content management system, Silverstripe, and hosting provider.

A common web platform is the latest product of the New Zealand government's push towards Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Announcing the platform today, Internal Affairs Minister Chris Tremain said it would allow government agencies to share and reuse website features. 

The common web platform was developed by Wellington ICT company SilverStripe and is hosted by datacenter provider Revera, now part of Telecom New Zealand's IT services business after a NZ$96.5 million buyout in April.

“The common web platform is part of the ICT Strategy and Action Plan to 2017, announced in June, calling for shared investments, pooled resources and reduced duplication across different departments,” said Tremain. 

Tremain said the platform would allow agencies to deliver quality websites and better, cheaper and faster services. 

“In terms of procurement there are potential savings of $50,000 per web project. On its own it’s not a big amount but when spread over the whole of government we’re looking at estimated savings of over $1 million dollars a year."

The Department of Internal Affairs is the lead agency managing the IaaS effort and will also have overall management of the common web platform.

Government agencies using the platform will still control the look and feel or their websites, the suppliers of professional services to manage and develop their websites, content, the website's code, bespoke development, integration with other systems and custom features and templates.

In July, the New Zealand government launched a shared identity verification and log-on service called RealMe through New Zealand Post. RealMe is an all-of-government shared service that like the common web platform aims to reduce duplication of investment. 

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