Communicating with Print Customers via SMS/Text

Text messaging is becoming an important customer relationship tool.
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Doc's a big fan of alternate ways to communicate with customers, and these days, text messaging is becoming an important customer relationship tool. That's why an article over at Digital Nirvana by John Foley caught my eye. It lists three ways that printers can benefit by using text/sms.

Notification When A Job is Ready Most of the printers that I work with send notification via email when a job is ready. In addition to that email, it may be worth considering sending a text-message to the customer at that time as well.

To Share Information About Specials Certainly, a business does not want every marketing initiative to be related to pricing specials and discounts. However, those can still be used from time-to-time to create buzz, garner attention, and increase sales.

To Gain Feedback After A Job/Project is Complete We all want to generate repeat business. To do this, we often have to reach out to customers after a job has been done, seek to get their feedback, and then offer/recommend other activities that we could help them with.

There's more detail about each point in the article, so Doc says check it out.

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