Companies flock to support FlashPix standard

Kodak today announced that backing for the FlashPix image standard has jumped from four companies to 15.

"The original group of four is now about 15 and includes IBM, Intel, Apple and Fuji," said Andre Rignon, Kodak business development manager. "Hewlett-Packard has a new generation of printers supporting the standard, but in terms of other products it will still be some time before we see them supporting this technology," he added.

Rignon maintained that all of Kodak's project managers are considering how to apply the FlashPix standard in their particular fields, for example in digital cameras. "We anticipate that most of the applications will be able to read existing formats and convert them to FlashPix, as Microsoft's Picture It! Image editing software does now," said Rignon.

The FlashPix consortium recently submitted the specifications to other industry standards groups, but Rignon admitted that Kodak has not yet received any feedback from the relevant standards authorities: "We have no real control over how they will react. We need to move quickly as the market opportunities are there."