Companies missing out on cloud opportunities: Accenture

Some businesses are not utilising cloud to its fullest, according to IT services company Accenture.

A number of companies have yet to take full advantage of cloud computing, according to Accenture.

Cloud computing has been hyped up in the IT industry for some time, and many Australian enterprises have accepted it into their businesses. But some businesses haven't really explored the full potential of this technology, Accenture managing director for cloud in Australia and New Zealand Alison Cairns told ZDNet.

"The conversation is really about growth and what cloud is going to do for the clients' businesses," she said. "The by-product is cost savings, but that's a far less interesting conversation."

Cairns noted that one of Accenture's customers, a banking organisation, had already commenced its journey into the cloud when it complained that cloud computing didn't meet its expectations of improving efficiencies within the business.

"It was actually because the company had commenced its cloud journey, but it was only dealing with the infrastructure side," she said. "The company hadn't actually thought of all the other possibilities.

"It was a good start, but the customer just needed to build from it."

According to Cairns, this is a problem she sees quite often. Even so, she expects to see exponential growth in software-as-a-service uptake this year.