Companies must back mobility, says analyst

A senior analyst has said that companies that neglect mobile apps do so at their peril, and that developers must place a focus on data efficiency and security

Enterprise application developers need a different mindset when creating mobile applications, encompassing added focus on data efficiency and security, according to an Ovum analyst.

In an interview with ZDNet UK's sister site ZDNet Asia, Carter Lusher, an Ovum research fellow and chief analyst, pointed to mobility as one of the disruptors of the enterprise apps ecosystem. He said companies "do not have a choice" but to support this requirement, as users expect to have access to the corporate database through a mobile client.

"A company that decides not to have mobile access is going to be at a disadvantage," Lusher said. However, he noted that building mobile apps is different from traditional apps and a lot of change needs to take place to ensure smooth delivery on the mobile platform. For instance, it is not enough just to push data to a mobile browser, he said, noting that this would only serve as a short-term solution.

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