Compaq adds MMX to transportable PC

Compaq is continuing to plough the lone furrow of transportable PCs by releasing the Presario 3060.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Like the firm's original transportable, the Presario 3020, the desktop unit has a very small footprint and dispenses with a CRT monitor so it can be moved around the home. The 3060 model adds the benefit of a 200MHz Pentium MMX processor.

The unit ships as standard with 24Mb EDO RAM, 3.8Gb hard drive, 12.1-inch TFT screen, 4-disc CD-Changer, radio mouse, JBL Pro speakers and 33.6kbps modem.

Available now, the Presario 3060 costs £2,799 including VAT.

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