Compaq chooses Adaptec

Compaq selects Adaptec's Millenium RAID controller for popular line of 64-bit alphaservers. Find out why Compaq chose Adaptec...

SINGAPORE - Adaptec Inc. (NASDAQ: ADPT), provider of innovative storage solutions, today announced that Compaq Computer Corp. (NYSE: CPQ), supplier of computing systems, will be shipping the company's SmartRAIDO V Millennium RAID controller as qualified equipment in Compaq's DS10 and ES40 AlphaServer lines of 64-bit NonStop servers operating with Tru64 UNIX.

The high-performance Adaptec Millennium 64-bit SCSI RAID controller delivers the high data availability, data throughput, and superior price/performance that workgroup and enterprise database management, e-commerce, Web and file service, and business critical applications demand.

This RAID controller will be offered as the Compaq StorageWorks KZPCC 3-Channel Backplane RAID Controller (P/N: DS-KZPCC-CE) with 64-MByte cache and battery backup as the standard configuration, supporting 9- and 18-GByte Ultra2 drives on Compaq StorageWorks Enclosure Model 4254 Ultra2/LVD device shelf.

High-end 64-bit UNIX servers- designed to deliver enterprise-class performance in today's demanding data-intensive environments -require state-of-the-art RAID controller performance and features. To address these needs, the Adaptec SmartRAID V Millennium incorporates a 64-bit PCI bus architecture and many other performance-enhancing features, effectively doubling the server-controller data path bandwidth.

"We have worked closely with Compaq to ensure that our RAID controllers are integrated into their server solutions. Because these servers are designed for high-end environments, customers will benefit from the man-years of testing we've invested to provide the total solution," said Lee Caswell, vice president of Adaptec's OEM Solutions Group.

The Millennium PM3755U2B controller includes a dedicated RAID processor and supplies 264 MBytes/second bus mastering performance. Data protection and speed are achieved through an easily scalable cache memory array (up to 256 MBytes of ECC memory) and support for RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 0+1, and 0+5.

Other features include flash-upgradable firmware and BIOS, BIOS-based setup and RAID configuration utility, and full-featured GUI configuration and storage management software. Operating system compatibility includes WindowsO NTO, Windows 2000 Windows 95/98, Tru64 UNIX, Novell NetWareO, SCOO OpenServer 5, SCO, SCO UnixWareO 7, UnixWare, OS/2O, and Linux.

TPC-C, which is a rigorous benchmark performed under supervision of the Transaction Processing Performance Council (, provides an indication of the real-world server performance in On-line Analytical Transaction Processing (OLTP) environments. The AlphaServer ES40, Model 6/667 with 4 CPUs, achieved 30,738 tpmC (transactions per minute) at a cost of $29.48 per transaction. Nine Millennium PM3755U2B RAID controllers were used to manage a total of 235 disk drives, comprising over 2.1 terabytes of data storage, in the TPC-C-audited configuration.

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