Compaq PC line features Intels 810e chipset

Good buddies Compaq and Intel team up on the former's latest PC range

The first Compaq PCs featuring Intel's 810e chipset were announced Monday.

The Deskpro EN Series Small Form Factor models offer support for both the present 100 MHz front-side bus and the 133 MHz bus that is to used with next generation Pentium III technology, due later this year.

The 810e is a Pentium III-compatible chip set based on Intel's 810 chip set for Celeron processor systems, and integrates functions such as the graphics engine.

The new line features 500 or 450 MHz Pentium III processors, integrated Intel Direct AGP 3D graphics, integrated audio, 6.4 GB Ultra ATA 66 hard drives, 64 MB RAM, 40x Max CD-ROM drives, a 17-inch S700 monitor and a dual install of Windows 95 and Windows 98.

Compaq has also launched two internal DVD-ROM drives, available as optional extras on the Deskpro EN series. The Compaq 10x DVD-ROM has speeds of up to 13,5600 Kb/s, CD-ROM read speeds of up to 40x. The Compaq 6x Slimline DVD-ROM gives 6x DVD read speeds, and CD-ROM speed of 24x.

Prices start at £799.95.