Compaq server boasts remote management tools

Compaq will next week push the manageability ticket again with the release of the ProLiant 2500, a Pentium Pro-based server aimed at workgroups and branch offices that don't have on-site IT staff.

The ProLiant 2500 ships with a tool built into the motherboard called Integrated Remote Console, providing access to system diagnostics for remote management. A London-based IT manager could control a server sitting in an out-of-town office, for example.

The unit also debuts a new case design that provides simplified access to internals from top, side and back panels. The tower system can also be converted to a rack-mounted system that lets subsystem modules be replaced or upgraded without tools 90 per cent of the time, according to Compaq.

The system ships with one or two 200MHz Pentium Pro CPUs, up to 1Gb of ECC RAM, Fast Ethernet and an optional Wide-Ultra SCSI controller that supports data transfer rates of up to 40Mb per second.