Compaq ships small PCs, Net PC

Compaq today looked towards a crowded future with the release of its small-footprint Deskpro 4000S range.

Although the 4000S is a fully-fledged PC, Compaq sees its small CPU taking it into space constrained environments such as retail point-of-sale and has a bracket so that it can be fixed to a surface. Compaq claims the 4000S is 20 per cent smaller than Dell's smallest desktops. Pentium and Pentium MMX version are available and all systems have integral networking and support remote wake-up across LANs.

An entry-level configuration of 166MHz Pentium MMX with 16Mb RAM, 2.1Gb hard drive and S3 V2 graphics but no monitor costs about £965 + VAT.

Compaq also said it has begun shipping its Net PC, the Deskpro 4000N that was announced in June. The sealable case PC has no ISA slots, floppy or CD-ROM drive.

An entry-level 4000N with 166MHz Pentium MMX, 16Mb RAM, 2.6Gb hard drive and S3 V2 graphics costs £735 TBP excluding VAT and monitor.