Compaq slashes ProLiant server prices

Compaq will next week make price cuts of up to 29 per cent on its ProLiant 5000 and ProLiant 2500 departmental server ranges.

The entry-level ProLiant 5000 6/200 M1 will be cut by 29 per cent, from £10,005 to £7,660. The rack-mounted 5000R 6/200 512K will also be dramatically cut from £15,155 to £11,520. The departmental server, ProLiant 2500 6/200 M1 will be cut from £5,560 to £4,410.

Hugh Jenkins, Compaq's enterprise group product manager believes other server vendors will soon follow suit: "As we have seen already this year in the server market, Compaq is the standard. Once we set it, the rest will follow."