Compaq teams with Corollary for 8-CPU servers

Compaq and Intel's latest purchase target Corollary are teaming up to build eight-CPU symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) servers.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

The pair have agreed to share technology in order to match Corollary's Profusion multiprocessing architecture with Compaq's I/O technology to boost next-generation Intel 'Deschutes' processors and the Slot 2 architecture. Additionally, Corollary gets to license Compaq's PCI Hot Plug technology that lets upgrades be performed without powering down servers.

In a prepared statement, Corollary president George White said the deal "further establishes Intel-based multiprocessing as the new standard for enterprise computing".

Compaq said its currently shipping ProLiant 7000 is upgradable to the eight-way architecture.

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