Compaq to turn up workstation heat

Compaq is hoping to build on its lead in Wintel workstations with the release of its Professional Workstation 5100 range.

The single or dual 266MHz or 300MHz Pentium II line uses Compaq's Highly Parallel System Architecture, a subsystem that builds in dual memory controllers and PCI buses to get rid of bottlenecks. The design also allows for small-footprint cases.

"Many users in the financial, computer-aided design, digital content creation and electronics design automation markets need to squeeze a lot of performance into a desktop design," said Sue Forkin, Compaq enterprise product manager.

The 5100 supports up to 512Mb RAM with standard features including wide-ultra SCSI-3, Fast Ethernet, 24-speed MAX CD-ROM drive and Windows NT Workstation 4. Graphics options are the 2D Matrox Millennium II and 3D STB MVP Workstation controller with support for multiple monitors.

Uniprocessor and dual-processor 300MHz Pentium II versions of the Professional Workstation 6000 range are also available now and Compaq has also cut prices by up to 19 per cent on the Professional Workstation 5000, 6000 and 8000 ranges.

In related news, Compaq has launched two new monitors, including the first 21-inch P110 screen based on a Trinitron tube. Also new is the 24-inch P1610.

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