Computer Associates enters M'sian e-security market

Software maker Computer Associates has introduced its eTrust security solution into the Malaysian market.

KUALA LUMPUR--Software maker Computer Associates on Tuesday introduced its end-to-end security solution, eTrust, into the Malaysian market.

eTrust offers a combination of Intruder Detection Systems (IDS), firewall, user access control, content inspection and virus protection to shield businesses against a myriad of security threats, ranging from defaced websites to distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

But even security system vendors like Computer Associates will be the first to admit that technology alone is not enough to protect a business from hackers and crackers.

Computer Associates Southeast Asia consulting director Hee Keen Keong, who heads CA's Asian e-business security unit, told reporters the the key to protecting a business from cyber threats is a combination of "the right technology coupled with common sense" plus a high level of awareness among companies and their IT managers.

He noted that there has been a "distinct" increase in the level of awareness about security among local companies but added many companies continued to harbor the misconception that technology or highly-paid consultants alone could solve all their problems.

"There is no silver bullet in security - companies must strive for a combination of best practices and high levels of awareness. Customers must help themselves," Hee added.

On the prospective market for eTrust, Keen said CA, by virtue of its 11-year presence on home soil, meant there would be a willing market for eTrust.

He however declined to comment on revenue projection or prospective sales figures attributed to the eTrust suite of solutions.

In addition to the big push into the corporate security solutions sector, CA is also eyeing the end-user marketplace which has been traditionally dominated by MacAfee and Norton solutions.

Hee however said CA was not expecting significant income from the end-user market but merely stepping up its efforts in this area to increase public awareness about cyber security threats.