Computer problem crashes British Airways

Computer system reboot causes chaos for travellers

British Airways is battling with a computer system failure that has caused flights to be cancelled, resulted in delays for passengers and it cannot say when the problem will be rectified.

An error with rebooting the airline's departure check-in system last week meant the system was improperly linked to other computer systems. A spokesman said technicians were still struggling to solve the problem on Monday and, although the situation is improving each day, passengers are still suffering delays and cancellations.

"We're trying to restore the links [with other computer systems]," said the spokesman. "The situation is getting better, but it is [still a case of] watch this space, I'm afraid."

British Airways has laid on extra staff to process passenger information manually.

Mike Street, director of customer services and operations, apologised in a statement to BA customers, adding: "We are doing everything we can to minimise the inconvenience."

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