Computers to get a make-over in art exhibition

Two legendary supercomputers provide the 'blank canvasses' for Royal College students to work on for a summer exhibition

Artists at the Royal College of Art in London plan to turn technology into art at an exhibition to be held this summer.

The exhibition, which will feature two 24-year-old super computers and take place on 14 July, is being sponsored by the Syntegra, the systems integration business arm of BT.

"Although they are now obsolete, these computers were once among the most powerful in the world and had an almost legendary status in the industry," said Barry Murphy, director of market communications at Syntegra. "We thought it would be interesting to give them to the students to see what they could create."

The project has also received the backing of the College's professors although they are unclear what the result of the project will be.

"It's a very good idea," said Professor Glynn Williams, course director of sculpture at the Royal College of Art. "We live with computers all around us without necessarily thinking about what is inside them. We will have two teams of students working on the computers together, but I have no idea what they will produce. It's up to them."

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