Computex 2015: Dell refreshes Inspiron laptop, desktop PC lineup

Among the highlights are a 15.6-inch 2-in-1 device, a pair of stylish all-in-one systems, and the new Inspiron 5000 Series notebooks.


While Asus rolled out a flashy roster of phones, tablets, and smartwatches at Computex, Dell has returned to its bread and butter after previous dalliances with sexier gadgets, unveiling a new Inspiron lineup that plays to its long-time strengths as a PC giant.

The company didn't even announce a new tablet, with the closest item being the Inspiron 15 7000 Series 2-in-1 laptop, which makes most tablets look puny with its 15.6-inch display that can fold over to make a very large slate. At a starting price of $549.99, at least the cost won't be too unwieldy, and you get features like a spill-resistant keyboard and built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

If you're looking for a more traditional portable, Dell is introducing the Inspiron 5000 Series of 14-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch laptops at mid-range prices. Despite the press release touting AMD processor options for the new 5000 notebooks, the models currently listed on are almost all Intel configurations, save for a couple of Inspiron 15 5000 versions. Dell also promises a slew of color choices for the new Inspiron 5000 family, but only a single 15-inch laptop is being sold on Dell's site in a hue other than traditional gray (a $449.99 white edition). Touch-screen capabilities are available on select systems for those looking to reach out and touch their displays.

Dell promises "brand new progressive designs" from its new Inspiron desktop offerings, but aside from the already announced Inspiron Micro Desktop, these "progressive" PCs constitute the Inspiron Mini-Tower Desktop and Inspiron Small Desktop. Neither is visually stunning, though their footprints are smaller than desktops of yore and feature discretely attractive accents of silver or red. That smallness carries over to the price tag, as both models will carry a starting cost of just $279.

The good looks are saved for the new Inspiron all-in-one (AIO) PCs, which might not compete completely with the latest iMac in terms of aesthetics, but are sleeker than previous iterations. The Inspiron 20 3000 sports a 19.5-inch display and will be powered by Intel's Braswell CPUs, whereas Inspiron 24 3000 (pictured above) has a 23.8-inch full HD screen and offers a choice of AMD or Braswell processor options. The AIOs will be available in either black or white, and Dell promises an optional edge-to-edge screen to increase the design appeal. Expect to pay a premium for that option beyond the starting price of $329.99 for the Inspiron 20 and for the Inspiron 24.

As mentioned the Inspiron 5000 laptops and the Inspiron Micro Desktop are already on sale, with the Inspiron 24 3000 becoming available today and the Inspiron 15 7000 Series 2-in-1 joining them on June 23. You'll have to wait until September to purchase the other Inspiron desktops or October for the Inspiron 20 3000 AIO.