Compuware launches new platform for cloud, big data applications

Compuware has released a new platform that claims to be the industry's first 'deep transactional management system' for dynamic clouds and big data platforms.

Mainframe software company Compuware has launched a new product that it claims is the industry's first deep transactional management system for dynamic cloud and big data applications.

The APM Spring 2012 Platform Release aims to harness new, innovative technology in order to improve the optimization, management and integration of applications in to cloud-based services.

As part of the release, Ajax-ran enterprise support software Dynatrace Enterprise has been updated -- a service that speeds up page loading times, rendering, tune DOM execution and allows for the automation of performance tests.

In response to a growing demand for applications within enterprises that can handle and analyze big data, the product is aimed at companies using cloud-based services on Microsoft's Azure platform. It also supports specialist big data applications Cassandra and Hadoop -- and therefore supports hybrid cloud platforming.

As cloud systems gain momentum, applications have potentially become too dynamic and diverse for traditional management systems to maintain effective and efficient control, which often requires manual input instead of being able to rely on automated systems, increasing operational cost.

To support such dynamic applications, a scalable and flexible architectural landscape is required. Through dynaTrace Enterprise and PurePath technology, the company hopes that the easy integration of multiple applications will result in a greater performance level for corporations relying on cloud-based services.

Julie Craig, Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates said:

"Today's application landscape is rapidly changing as virtualized environments become more dynamic and flexible and as elastic cloud applications take hold in the enterprise. This means that businesses are moving beyond private cloud and expanding use of public and even hybrid cloud.

At the same time, Big Data is becoming increasingly integral to enterprise applications, as companies seek to incorporate massive amounts of data into business analytics, decision support, BI, and many other types of data analytics solutions."

dynaTrace Enterprise supports big data environments through auto-adaptive analytics and dashboards, smart auto-baselines and automatic log file correlation to transaction detail for deeper application context and faster mean-time-to-resolve (MTTR).

The Compuware APM aims to improve the dynamic nature of cloud platforms through extending integration capabilities as well as using auto-discovery instrumentation -- resulting in lower operational costs -- behavioral analytics and multi-layer views. It also includes cloud, web and mobile UEM for IPv6.

The update, through auto-discovery and auto-adaptive instrumentation aims to secure lower operational costs and deeper application visibility, even for hybrid cloud platforms. The company says that the update will adjust to real-time events with "fewer false positive alerts than simple historical baselines".