comScore: Android makers lose ground, iOS continues to grow

comScore's latest mobile market share figures suggest that while Android manufacturers are losing ground, the mobile operating system is still growing rapidly.

comScore's latest figures on the state of the mobile market share union shows that while Android continues to dominate, with Apple remaining a far distant second place, Android phone makers are losing ground.

Perhaps most surprisingly out of the figures, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion remains steady without change.

It's no surprise that Samsung remains at the top of its game. But it is a surprise with the upcoming iPhone 5 expected within the next few months --- or the announcement at least --- Apple is two percentage points up. It could also be a sign that Samsung users were defecting away towards the iPhone after the latest iPhone 4S was released in early October. Holiday sales for the iPhone 4S as we know were phenomenal and shifted the entire market.

Motorola, which was given the approval by both U.S. and European authorities to be bought by Google for $12.5 billion, saw a small but a drop nonetheless for what continues to be a major player in the market.

But the mobile operating system figures show an entirely different story. Android reigns on despite phone sales dipping slightly, while Microsoft remains just about afloat but is hanging onto the life-raft by its fingertips.

comScore also highlighted that there is now an estimated 101.3 million U.S. smartphone subscribers, out of which most use their phones for 'dumbphone' activities, like sending text messages. The downloading of apps and mobile browsing are on the up, by 4.8 percent and 4.5 percent respectively.

In a nutshell, while Android continues to grow, Samsung as its main purveyor of Google-created goods is dipping, along with LG and Motorola. Times are tough for hardware makers, while operating systems can continue to be developed on and churned out; that is when the hardware makers are not being sued for patent infringement.

But as Apple is the end OEM and mobile operating system maker, it is powering through in second place in both tables. Arguably this holds it in the strongest position, even if it has a slightly weaker marketshare.

Image sources: comScore.