comScore: iPad accounts for 97 percent of all US tablet traffic

iOS dominates Android.

A research report from comScore shows just how prolific web access from mobile devices have become.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Mobile devices account for 6.8% of US web traffic with two-thirds of that traffic coming from mobile phones.
  • Increased availability of WiFi and mobile web access is driving this increase.
  • The iPad accounts for a whopping 97.2% of tablet traffic in the US and 46.8% of all mobile web traffic.
  • iPhone accounts for 42.6% of mobile web traffic.
  • 58% of tablet user consume world, national or local news on their devices, with 1 in 4 consuming this content on a near-daily basis on their tablets.
  • Nearly 3 in 5 of tablet owners carried out social networking status on their device during September.
  • iOS is the leading connected device platform by both device share and traffic share:

I think that the number that matters here is the iPad figure that I headlined. That number alone shows just how much catching up the competition has to do.