comScore: Yahoo tops Google as top U.S. web property

Evidently, Marissa Mayer is doing something right.

While HP's turnaround is not quite there yet (to say the least), the same can't necessarily be said for Yahoo.

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According to the latest figures from comScore, the search company ranked as the top U.S. web property as of July 2013.

To get an idea of just how much of a milestone this is for what might be considered now a "once-beleagured" technology business, MarketingLand asserted this was the first time Yahoo led the chart since 2008.

Now the fuss is over wehether or not this is because of Yahoo's acquisition of Tumblr back in May, but at least the $1.1 billion deal is starting to prove it was worth it.

Yahoo has also picked up dozens of smaller companies since CEO Marissa Mayer took the reins of the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based operation last year, which have undoubtedly contributed in one way or another -- either via new properties, user interface changes, new talent, and new resources.

However, it should be noted that Yahoo and Tumblr are separated in the July chart, and itself ranks 28th with roughly 38.47 million unique visitors during the midsummer month.

Yahoo-owned sites collectively received approximately 196.56 million.

Google came in second with approximately 192.25 million, followed by Microsoft, Facebook and AOL rounding out the top five, respectively.


Chart via comScore