Concern grows about Bulldog's broadband service

Bulldog's award-winning service is angering customers. It may like to reconsider that description, says industry body

The Internet Service Providers' Association (ISPA) has added its weight to the growing concern about poor customer service at Bulldog.

As ZDNet UK reported earlier this month, some Bulldog customers are furious with the experiences they have suffered at the hands of the ISP, which is a part of Cable & Wireless.

An unspecified number of Bulldog customers have complained to ISPA in recent weeks, prompting the organisation to examine the issue at an ISPA council meeting on Thursday.

"We've had an increased number of complaints about Bulldog, so we've contacted the company to find out what's going on," said an ISPA spokesman.

He added that Bulldog has assured ISPA that action is being taken to alleviate the current problems.

Some Bulldog users have complained that they have experienced an unreliable broadband or telephony service from the firm, but a more common complaint is that it is extremely difficult to contact Bulldog's customer services.

It is understood that the majority of complaints received by ISPA relate to problems getting through to Bulldog's customer support.

ISPA has also suggested to Bulldog that it might like to stop advertising that it won the title of Best Consumer Broadband service from ISPA in 2004.

"They could consider that it could alienate customers... it can be frustrating to hear that you are using the best consumer broadband service when you're trying to contact the company with a problem," said the ISPA spokesman.

It's not clear why Bulldog are still be promoting the prize well over a year since it was awarded, but the award appeared to have been removed from its Web site as of Friday afternoon.

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