Conferences and briefings: How to get my attention -- not

Why do PR folks think that analysts attend every event, everywhere?

Recently, I've been receiving a flood of offers to meet with executives of smaller suppliers or startups at events half way around the world or focused on areas that are totally unrelated to my areas of research. The PR person sending the message appears to be operating with an interesting set of assumptions including the following:

  • Analysts attend every event regardless of whether the event is focused on topic areas that fall way outside of that analyst's research agenda.
  • Analysts attend small conferences in remote regions of the world
  • Analysts attend conferences presented by competitors.
  • Analysts who are focused on the big picture would have time to speak with a company having a wonderful idea but, no products or customers

I suspect that this approach is taken because the PR person believes that this will be an end around allowing them to set up a separate conversation before or after the event.  What suppliers don't understand is that after a specific PR firm reaches out again and again with unrelated, uninteresting requests, their messages are automatically routed to the trash bin. Getting that analyst's attention will be nearly impossible going forward.

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