ConnectUp fixes weak social media connections to extend your network

ConnectUp aims to fix the problem of poor social media connections to give you a way to unify, search, filter, and utilise all of your contacts.

We are hyper-connected, but under-communicated. Many people don't realize that their next transaction - sale, referral, hire, or product review - is hidden in their existing network.

ConnectUp fixes weak social media connections to extend your network ZDNet

We have become "tone-deaf" to connections on social media because there is too much noise, yet we collect connections like badges of honour.

When we do want to utilise our business connections, we notice that LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networking giants have tightened their grip on the api. People are finding it difficult to access their own business connections.

ConnectUp aims to become the one-stop shop for social and relationship building. The contact communication and outreach platform went to beta in January 2015 and launched in June.

ConnectUp fixes weak social media connections to extend your network ZDNet

The San Francisco based start-up wants to enable people to regain control of their connections and communicate better.

It intends to regain the ground lost in social media connection drop-off.

The service and app allows people to manage all their contacts in a single service.

It aims to solve the problem of "being connected to everyone and communicating with no one".

Social networks present problems for users as they advance their own commercially focused agendas. This leads to loss of control over personal connections and lots of "noise" from offers, advertising and clutter.

ConnectUp fixes weak social media connections to extend your network ZDNet

Business users can find that the resulting low yield from social media can be detrimental to the bottom line.

This tool enables users to bypass low results channels and connect directly via mobile text or email.

ConnectUp's partnership with market intelligence company InsideView means that users will be able to enhance what they know about a contact with real-time data dashboards.

You can import data from Yahoo!,, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, AOL, Mac, Outlook, Office 365 or a CSV file.

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My selected contacts imported easily and the tool let me group connections in my own groups.

The filters enabled me to target groups of connections using SMS messaging, or email.

The analytics dashboard show which messages bounced, or opened.

"We are all hyper-connected on personal and business social media platforms. Yet many studies point to a huge drop-off in the effectiveness of social media as an organizing tool" said Rob Garcia, Chief Product Officer at ConnectUp.

"With InsideView, the information you need to know about your contacts and their companies is brought right to you, within your ConnectUp app.

No need for time-consuming research." said Heidi Tucker, VP of Global Alliances at InsideView.

Extending a personal touch at the right time to the right person makes all the difference in getting others to think of you.

Communicating more effectively might cut through the indifference we feel towards as we collect more and more social contacts to our lists.

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