Constance puts NSW government IT on notice

The NSW minister for finance and services is unapologetic for expecting government IT to improve across the state.

New South Wales Minister for Finance and Services Andrew Constance said in NSW Budget Estimates yesterday that his ministry will be taking a close look at how IT budgets are being spent throughout the NSW government, following the announcement of an inquiry into Sydney Water's capital IT budget .

"I make no apologies that I expect improved performance right across government when it comes to issues around ICT and, of course, any other marketing programs," Constance told estimates yesterday.

"As with all of these things, if an assessment needs to be made, we will look for improvements."

Sydney Water came under scrutiny when it spent AU$7 million on a new website, which accounted for 4.5 percent of its IT budget for the past three years.

When asked yesterday what prompted the review into Sydney Water, Constance replied that it was the cost of the website.

"Sydney Water customers are right to expect value for money when it comes to marketing and ICT," the minister said.